Night By The Lake


By Abhinaya Venkatesh

As the candles float ,
Their vermillion flame reflect back onto my eyes
Looking up at the faded plum sky ,
No clouds , no trace of stars tonight
Everything is lit up down in the land instead ,
The day is over and so are our life’s daily tests
The bushes sway to the rhythm of the mighty wind ,
There’s nobody in sight as far as my eyes can find
Floating along on the lake ,
Slender fishes are shining leaving watery trails
Time neither stopped nor is it moving ,
The fresh lake water too seems to be slowly flowing
The only thing that is in a hasty motion tonight ,
Is my mind and the stories in them . . .

Abhinaya Venkatesh is a 16 year old Arts student . From trendy styles with slangs and exclamations to deep pieces with monologues and use of old English , his write-ups have got them all covered .
Instagram Handle : @neptunekiwi


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