Dragonfly At My Windowpane

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By Wole Soyinka

Dragonfly at My Windowpane
So when I offer me, a medium as
The Windowpane, you beat upon it
Frantic wings against the unyielding tolerance ?

Yet did I envy this, the unambiguous pane
And thought it clarity enough. But you must
War upon it, wings of frosted light,

And charge in thunderclaps ? Each dive
Yields proof enough; your parchment shavings read:
Even clarity masks stubborn substance.

And shall this image I present not stay
Its own determined shield? Much dross
Much stone, much jewelled earth and fire

Have fed the stressing wall of my light.
Let it content you how in me
I yield a stark view of the world, and trust

No inner warp but smudges left
By probing hands, dust of faith-flimsy wings
Distort true vision.

When darkness gathers I may dance
The World in fey reflections; or splay it’s truths
In a shadow play of doubts.

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