We live nowadays in the cocoon of superficiality and masquerade in the bewilderment of the matrix around, don’t we? We are in a constant hurdle to escape from the perilous smoke auguring that which we are in the constant fear of. Long gone are the days when we used to sit reading enigmatic tales and listening to Grandpa’s stories. Now, as the time progresses towards modernism and everything is fast and furious, we certainly do not have time to “stand and stare”. We have weaken the backbone that connected our hearts in the truest and puerile sense and no doubt that is the alchemy in the “words”.

Our vision includes the resurrecting of the dead metaphors and similes and viewing the world not in the limited sight of the hand held screen, but experiencing and feeling them, breathing them into our body and ultimately giving them room in our hearts, making our life lively. We, here, give soil to the unheard songs to thrive and hear keenly the tales of unsung heroes. We just give you your space, to breathe in the air you want, so that you exhale your creativity. Eventually, you will be able to fight the demons without compromising with your precious smile.

Hop with us in our Journey of finding elixirs.

Aquib Bilal