Your Departure Dejected Me

Your departure dejected me Poem By Shahid ul Islam
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By Shahid ul Islam

You put an arrow in my heart
But I’m still hanging by a thread
For I won’t allow you to depart
When I know our love’s not dead.

You can say that I am wrong
If that’s what you need to say
But I know our love’s still strong
And it’s not just slipping away.

We may not be a perfect match
But that don’t mean we can’t be
So help this heart to reattach
And come back & work with me.

We have been through so much
It’s not worth to just stop trying
Knowing we both felt that touch
Of what our love was applying.

Though I’m hanging by a thread
I’ve never once given up on you
So feel everything I’ve just said
And don’t tear my heart in two.

Please rid the arrow in my heart
And allow these roots to regrow
For we’ve known since the start
Love will always be our afterglow.

From Jammu and Kashmir, Shahid Ul Islam, a law student, is author of the book The Crestfallen Soul.

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