In Search Of Light

in search of light poem by tayyaba haroon
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By Tayyaba Haroon

Messiness of the heart,
Distressness of the mind,
Led an urge to search
In this gloomy bind.

Uneasiness forces me to bed,
Pillow’s soaked beneath my head,
The buzzing sound, a gigantic roar,
Of the symptoms of a relentless war.

Confusion’s grip is everywhere,
And dizziness fills in the air,
Feels like a land barren and dry,
Under a high, dark, moonless sky.

In search of a ray, serene and bright,
I marched onward through the night,
Clasping tightly the fragments of me,
Defining the purpose of life, I see.

Tayyaba Haroon is a writer, in search of Truth.

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