This Much Very

This much very poem
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By Dr. Hiram Larew

You want what a long jump is —
To feel the leaps
you could be

Like how colors climb
or spring through skies
for up and up
you say
to all the mores and manys
that take you far
to where time plays

To be a never-ever stay
And become the reach
towards what you’ve asked for

A dare that dashes

And so for spins and eagers
for ever’s sake
And for that chance there is —
To hold your breath when ready
then fly by bounds
past stop and more than go

Founder of Poetry X Hunger: Bringing a World of Poets to the Anti-Hunger Cause, Dr. Hiram Larew has had poems published in recent issues of The Hooghly Review, Contemporary American Voices and The Iowa Review.

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