The Cuckoo

The Cuckoo Poem By Shah Bisma Manzoor
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By Shah Bisma Manzoor

The euphonious cuckoo on the bough of a tree
Sings a poignant melody of tears
loss and separation, betrayal and heartbreak
is what the lyrics communicate. With a heavy heart, the night too sets in
Stops its journey for long
Takes the gloomy cuckoo in its lap
soothing its bruised soul. The garden of bliss, the scintillating spark
Seems to be plundered by the viciousness
The moon and the stars carry the cuckoo
to the mighty galaxy. The aches and the volley of unanswered questions
Lie safe on the chandelier of unheard whispers
She calls each ache back to her heart
Yet again to die in the loss and deprivation

Shah Bisma Manzoor, from Jammu and Kashmir, India, has done masters in English Literature and works as Vice Principal at a higher secondary.

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The Cuckoo Poem By Shah Bisma Manzoor

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