What Have You Done?

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE by Mahfooz Ahmad Bakhshi
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By Mahfooz Ahmad Bakhshi

I appreciate you for the pain you bestowed,
I appreciate you for the wounds you sowed.
I appreciate you for everything you did, you see,
I appreciate you for forgetting the heart you bruised deeply!

For you, I used to rise against the world alone,
But you never heeded my musings, silent as stone,
Leaving me to face battles on my own,
I craved your love, but to another, it was shown.

Oh, dear, what darkness have you stirred? I am suffering.
Save me, extricate me from this ordeal, hearts buffering.
I’m besieged by thoughts, my soul’s conferring,
Tell me, how do I mend my heart’s fluttering?

The pain is unfamiliar, a labyrinthine flow,
Wounds subsided, but scars persist, a reminder aglow.
What have you done? Memories like shadows throw,
Even in your absence, your falsehoods sow.

Where have you disappeared? I miss you in the breeze,
Longing for your presence, yearning for release.
Craving your smile, a hunger that won’t cease,
Awaiting a fragment of my soul, held in peace.

What wrongs, I think in the dark of the night,
Lost in worries, like a ship in a storm’s might.
Can’t find you, my heart’s in a bind so tight,
Tired and yearning, for a love so bright.

Nightmares haunt me, no sleep in sight,
Your memory lingers, in the day’s light.
Confused emotions, like birds taking flight,
Our Love was once strong, now it feels so slight.

What have you done?

Mahfooz Ahmad Bakshi, from Ganderbal, Kashmir (India), initiated his journey as a writer in 2006, gradually refining his skills over time. His writings have been well-received by and featured in reputable publications, magazines and newspapers, attesting to his skill and dedication.

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