The Judgement Day

The Judgement Day Poem
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The Judgement Day Poem

By Jamila Murtaza

I grew up with an illusion of happiness
But soon enough all I had was angriness
I saw faces masquerade in a disguise
All familiarity gone, I ran away from lies.
I realized monsters were real beneath my bed
I took a run, but it was dark ahead.
I stumbled and fell into a pool of blood
I screamed and shivered
Those old walls took away my peace
Left me in pieces and anxiety.
Yet the devils have to pay
Wrongdoers will lose severely That Day.

An introvert, Jamila Murtaza writes for her sanity, her heart, for love, for light and the Truth. Pen is her liberation, and words her home.

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The Judgement Day Poem

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