Dear Baba – A Letter to Father

Dear Baba Letter To Father
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Dear Baba Letter to Father

By Shah Bisma Manzoor

Dear father

A compassionate being I found in you
A resilient soul dwells inside you.
Your eyes, loaded with concealed pains
But smile flickering across the lips. My heart leaps out and cries streams of blood.
Your fissured hands testimony the toil
I cry in seclusion to wash the paths you walk upon.
Dear father, How does this strength dwell in you! The nights you remain awake with hands lifted up
In prayers, you keep on asking for our well being
For how long will you ignore your own self?
For how long will your tears be concealed! Let me know what aches you bury within the folds of your skin
What kind of pains you mask between your smiles!
Let me ask you the reason of your unwavering strength.
Which sorrows you clothe with your strengths? Let me serve you till I breath my last
Let me wash your paths with the blood of my veins.
Let me embrace all your sadness and sorrows.
Let me sparkle your paths with the vision of my eyes.

Dear Baba – A Letter to Father

Shah Bisma Manzoor, from Jammu and Kashmir, India, has done masters in English Literature and works as Vice Principal at a higher secondary.

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