Embracing Wisdom and Divine Mercy

Embracing wisdom Islamic poem
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Embracing Wisdom Islamic Poem

By Sharqa Qureshi

In the realm of self-esteem, wisdom resides, Let go of desires, let them subside.
Honor your parents, their hearts at ease, Avoid disrespect, and aim to please.

Allah values not mere outward show, Opinions of others, let them go.
In the end, the grave, a solemn space, Where deeds alone earn eternal grace.

Release the chase, embrace what’s true, Focus on Akhirah, a heavenly view.
Allah’s plans unfold, purpose untold, What’s meant for you, will slowly unfold.

No ill intentions from His divine hand, Count your blessings, across the land.
Release the anger, let regrets fade, Embrace goodness, toxic ties evade.

Be kind, be humane, to all creation, Allah’s mercy reaches you, a divine sensation.
Love yourself, elevate your hereafter, In gentle ways, let character gather.

In life’s tapestry, let go of strife, For Allah’s wisdom guides, beyond this life.
Reveal inner beauty, let truth surround, These words of wisdom, let your heart astound.

Sharqa Qureshi, from Sukkur, Sindh, is a university student.

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