The Unrequited Love

The Unrequited Love - Mahfooz Ahmad Bakshi (Lost Love Poems)
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The Unrequited Love

By Mahfooz Ahmad Bakshi

In the innocence of youth, I once fell for someone so fair
Her eyes were like that of ocean surface
She was understanding, she was my dear
Onto her lap, my head could have found solace

But alas, my heart was never heeded
And my mouth remained on the latch
I had no courage to let her know that
How much in my life, she was needed

Then, fate dealt a cruel hand, and we went our separate ways
leaving me with a broken heart and a shattered art
My heart beats alone, a melody incomplete,
Her heart now finds solace in another’s gentle gaze.

Received a gift from my dear, the weight of sorrow, a heavy burden to bear
I’m being crushed, I wonder if I’m cursed.
A haunting presence that lingers in the air.

I’m consumed by grief, and overwhelmed by pain
Despair, like a suffocating fog, clouds my mind
Whatever I’m going through, I won’t define
A bittersweet mix of emotions that I cannot contain.

But still, I hold on to the memories of what could have been,
And wonder if our paths will ever cross again.
For though I may have lost her, she still holds a piece of my heart,
And I’ll always cherish the love that I had from the start.

The Unrequited Love

Mahfooz Ahmad Bakshi, from Ganderbal, Kashmir (India), initiated his journey as a writer in 2006, gradually refining his skills over time. His writings have been well-received by and featured in reputable publications, magazines and newspapers, attesting to his skill and dedication.

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