I Was Only 19 When The World Changed

i was only 19 when - #me too poems
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I was only 19

By Affaf Sheikh

I was only 19
When the world changed
With a snap

Born to fly
Chirping like a free bird
Wandering with a dream
To bloom like morning flowers
As beauty personified

That dream of empowerment
Changes meaning of life

Those torn bodies
And shredded souls
Always asked me
Why fulfilment of dreams
Sometimes costs so high

Every morning
I start that endless journey
To find answers
Of all untold stories

As season changes
Leaves fall
Birds refuse to play
The symphony I want
As flowers plucked
That pain I felt
Scars on body
Disappear with time
But scratches of soul
Never console…

I was only 19

A Research Pharmacist, Affaf Sheikh is a writer, poet and critic, and believes in hard work and honesty.

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