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The Lapwing poem by Meera Uberoi

By Meera Uberoi

In the dark that falls before the dawn,
When the dew has settled on the thorn,
When the stars have been obscured by clouds,
A silence covers all things in shrouds.
No wind sighs in the mulberry tree,
No firefly glimmers wild and free,
A shadow has wrapped the night in gloom,
It’s silent as a deserted tomb.

All of a sudden a lapwing’s cry
Cuts the black silence as it flies by,
Again and again it slashes the dark
That haunts the empty, desolate park,
Anguish, sorrow pours from its throat,
It wings in the night, note after note;
I open my window so the light
Will flood the dark of this wretched, night.

Why does it cry so miserably ?
Why is it so solitary ?
All I know is that loss and ache
Are left behind in the lapwing’s wake.

the lapwing poem by meera uberoi

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