Enchanted World

Enchanted World Poem on Social media
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Poem on Social Media

By Affaf Sheikh

After the mist disappeared
I met illusion of my perception
In the era of smart mirrors
being human
I saw my replica
Gazed from those glazed pieces
Creating magic and
Encaged my thoughts
In that mesmerizing world
Which fascinates my soul
In that visionary mirage
I dwelt and adored my twin
That wizardry
Makes me fall in love with myself
Where I am no more ugly duckling
Where people adore my words
Where wisdom starts whenever I pen
Its charisma of being who you want to be
With a snap of your fingers
Love is in the air
I see shades of pink
In that black and white world
Connection drops
I turn frustrated tap that glass
Mirror, Mirror
Tell me who am I
The mirror silence
Makes me panic
Its addiction for the era
Those smart mirrors
In your hands
Slowly and gradually
Make you slaves of your thoughts
No more Cinderellas love
By their inner beauty
Today beauty camouflages
Your greediness
Rapunzel desire transforms
In demands of materialistic world
Today no more
Beauty and beast
We turn to robots
And their love switch
Holds my tiny world in hands
The era of technology
Encages yourself
In that enchanted world.

Poem on Social Media

A Research Pharmacist, Affaf Sheikh is a writer, poet and critic, and believes in hard work and honesty.

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