Penning Desires

Penning desires, oh what a feat
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By Faizan Mushtaq

Penning desires, oh what a feat,
To capture the essence, so sweet,
Of longings deep within the heart,
And let them flow, a work of art.

With pen in hand, my mind takes flight,
As I begin to weave the light,
Of passion, hope, and burning fire,
Into a tapestry of desire.

My thoughts take form, my words take flight,
As I conjure images so bright,
Of all the things I wish to see,
And all the things I wish to be.

I write of love, of joy, of pain,
Of hopes that rise and fall again,
Of dreams that keep me up at night,
And all the things that feel so right.

With every stroke, I feel the flow,
Of all the things I want to know,
Of all the things I want to feel,
And all the things that make life real.

I write of sunsets, oceans and skies,
Of love that never truly dies,
Of all the things that make us whole,
And all the things that fill the soul.

And as I pen these burning desires,
My heart takes wing, and it aspires,
To soar beyond the realm of time,
And find a place that is sublime.

For in my words, I find release,
From all the things that cause me grief,
And in their place, I find a light,
That guides me through the darkest night.

So let me pen these desires true,
And share them all with me and you,
For in their beauty, we can find,
A world that’s gentle, warm, and kind.

Hailing from a small village Sadurkoot Payeen of Bandipora district (Jammu and Kashmir), Faizan Mushtaq ‘Faiz’ is the youngest columnist, poet and writer from his region. Author of “When Love Lasts”, Faiz has co-authored more than 50 books. He is also the compiler of an international anthology “Broken Soul”.

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