Submit Islamic Poems, Articles And Stories

Submit Islamic Poems, Articles, Stories

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatahu Allahi wa barkatahu

We encourage you all (our readers, writers and/or subscribers) to submit in large numbers Islamic poems, articles and stories. Send to us your write-ups immediately.

Submit Islamic Poems, Articles, Stories

Even if you are someone who has never tried writing before, don’t be shy, pick up that pen and let it ink down the praises of your Creator.

Few ideas to help you decide what your poem/story/article can be about –

  • Praise of Allah
  • Praise of Allah, highlighting a specific attribute. For e.g., Praising Allah as Al Ghaffar, The One who Forgives
  • Names of Allah
  • Praise of Prophets of Islam
  • Life of Prophets and their teachings
  • Honoured Women in Islam
  • Mothers of believers (wives of Prophets)
  • Throwing light on certain hadiths or Quran verses
  • Clearing common misconceptions about Islam

This is not a restrictive list and you can write on any topic of your choice.

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Submit your write-ups here.

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