If All The Animals Would Talk

If all the animals would talk
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By Shah Bisma Manzoor

If all the animals would talk
Boom! Whoop! Swooooosh!
All is it that we will hear
If animals could talk I would sit all day long
Listening to their woeful tales,
Narrating the Inhumane actions
I would wipe their tears
Let them speak for long
Their fears would go away.
Will my patience give them solace?
All the animals, carry emotions, inexpressible
If they talk, they will scream their love.
Will also give out a silent cry if they talk.
They would chatter with the chirpy birds
They would gossip with my silent words.
If animals would talk

Shah Bisma Manzoor

From Jammu and Kashmir, India, Shah has done masters in English Literature and is Vice Principal at a higher secondary.

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