India ranked 107 in Global Hunger Index (GHI), 2022 out of 121 countries. In 2021, India ranked 101 out of 116 countries.

India’s GHI score decreased from 38.8 points (in 2000) to 29.1 (in 2022).

  • Level of Hunger in India – Serious
  • Proportion of undernourished in the population – 16.3% (medium level). Increased since 2014 (14.8%)
  • Under Five Child Mortality Rate (CMR) – Low level

Areas of Concern: Child Nutrition

▫️Child Wasting – 19.3 % (the highest in the world)

(Children below 5 years of age who have low weight for their height.)
Even higher than it was in 1998-99 — 17.1%

▫️Child Stunting

Significant decrease, from 54.2% (in 1998-99) to 35.5% (in 2020-21) – still considered very high.

▫️Mortality Rate (for children below 5) – 3.3%

Reduced from 9.2% in 2000 to 3.3% in 2022

Neighbouring Countries

According to the report, barring Afghanistan (109), India’s neighbours have got higher ranking in GHI:

  • Sri Lanka (64)
  • Nepal (81)
  • Bangladesh (84)
  • Pakistan (99)

Global Hunger Report is released by Concern Worldwide and Welt Hunger Hilfe.

GHI’s methodology changed in 2015 to include data on Child Stunting/Wasting and to standardise the values.

Child Stunting, Child wasting, Child Mortality Rate

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