Dictates of Decorum

Dictates of decorum - Right to choose

By Shireen Haider

Each came and gave their own verdict. All say as jurors. The pronouncement was decided by destiny. When everything always has to be pre-decided in life, I wonder, why the struggle to fight and do better? We are always judged for being too happy, too sad , too this, too that. Then when could a being live truly in its own soul attire? When could it freely breathe?

When everything has to be pre decided in life I wonder why the struggle to fight and do better

Was the right to choose ever truly given?

We are caged in submission to will, being and heart. The dictates of decorum always call for it. Was the right to choose ever truly given? Each one wants to breathe-in the essence of joyful living. The scented aroma of love, longing to be inhaled by all.

How many are given the resilience to emerge courageous and resilient? The journey is all about being on the path. You live once. Life is a beautiful gift to be treasured, valued and lived with your loved ones. Line the threshold of your life with compassion, humility and kindness. A legacy left by you and hopefully sought after for long, even after you leave this station of life.

The journey is all about being on the path.

Keep the faith. Live your being with the smile of spirit.

Shireen Haider

An educator and blogger, Shireen writes to keep herself and others motivated and inspired. Nature and yoga further inspire her in her poetic journey! She believes in touching and healing hearts through her writing.


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