The Lost Girl

The lost girl poem
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By Shah Bisma Maanzoor

i would see her in my dreams
running after the butterflies
trying to get hold of the stars aloof
smiling constantly at the blemished moon.
she was an angelic figure,
innocence and purity – her jewels.
How beautifully she would smile
and hide in between the woods – quite shy.
Her tender heart, I could see
was full of selfless devotion and love.
she despised, not even her own enemy.
She, in her heart, harboured admiration.
Alas! The vipers came running terribly
devouring her innocence ruthlessly.
I fail to fathom her fault .
I found her – but lost in the war.
the traitors she thought her own
shredded her skin to cover their filth.
Her charm was murdered callously.
Ah! in my dreams, I lost the girl as well.

Shah Bisma Manzoor

From Jammu and Kashmir, India, Shah has done masters in English Literature and works as Vice Principal at a higher secondary.


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Featured Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

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