Top 3 Places For Trekking In Kashmir

Chatpal, Kashmir, India
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Are you a trekker, unable to decide your next trekking spot? No worries! We are here with the best trekking places in Jammu and Kashmir, the Paradise on Earth. With its natural beauty and endearment, Kashmir is one of the perfect stops for your vacations.

The 3 Most beautiful yet less travelled spots for trekkers in Jammu and Kashmir are –

1. Chiranbal, Kulgam

Bestowed with green gold lofty mountains, located in South Kashmir’s Kulgam District (75 km from Srinagar and 43 km from Aharbal ), this picturesque wide expanse of greenery is a spectacular array for the eyes. Suitable for campers and nature enthusiasts, the banks of Veshaw River, a sight to behold and befitting of its sobriquet – ‘Niagara falls of Kashmir‘, make it a great spot for anglers and swimmers.

2. Chatpal – An Untouched Beauty

Chatpal is one of the least known tourist destinations, but one of the most breathtaking places. Located in South Kashmir, in Shangus District, an offbeat beauty spot, Chatpal is nestled between lush green valleys and gushing clear waters. It allows the bored senses to visualize the serenity with awe and admiration. Walnut and apple orchards greet you at Chatpal. You can taste a plethora of Kashmiri cuisine, noon-chai and saffron kehwa here.

3. Warwan Valley – The most adventurous trek

A tehsil in Kishtwar, suitable for trekkers. It is a splendid mountainous area with an elevation of approximately 8500 ft above sea level. It hides in its bosom a plethora of arresting beauty with pristine meadows, pastures, forests and cedar trees. Kanital Pass connects it to Zanskar Valley of Ladakh. When you star trekking here, a left turn will take you to Sheshnag and SukhnaiAishmuqam and a right turn will take you to Marwah Valley and then to Sinthan Top.


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