Waiting By The Window

Waiting By the Window

By Noor Tabassum

Waiting by the window, the sun seemed blazing hot,
The clock ticked exceptionally slow and the day seemed too long,
Birds’ songs which always pleased, created a pain in the ear,
Why is the time so long for those who wait?
Eyes burned like fire, staring at the way,
But no trace of your arrival pleased my sight.

Eyes kept staring without distraction,
But no solace reached my heart and nothing stole my attention,
Every figure seemed like your reflection,
But in reality, it was a mirage creating a deception.
Trees swayed happily from left to right, increasing depression,
They seemed to tease me at my condition.

Why is the time so long for those who wait?
Day changed into night with darkness ready to fight,
The path seemed a blur now, but you were still out of sight,
Stars gossiped, and moon laughed at my plight,
Sleep was ruined, and comfort was lost from my side,
Eyes refused to close, and dreams were no more, my comrade.

Where have you gone making me so restless, burning with anger and fright?
Slowly patience is paving away, and wild thoughts are at a stride,
Love is beautiful, but the wait is ugly, right?
I lied on the sand outside. Still, my eyes were open, though I was tired, and my mind was on strike.

The night passed, and the sun drove away all the gloomy glance.
Suddenly my heart danced frantically, seeing a vague image at a distance,
Your presence increased heartbeat and senses were tense,
I had no knowledge when I ran towards you jumping the fence,
My lips smiled wide, and my arms spread automatically to embrace.

Now I know time will fly away,
And the sun will smile, and birds will sing sonnets in the hay,
I will enjoy your company, and sorrow will fade away.

Noor Tabassum

Author of books like Sensibles’, ‘Twisted First’, ‘Adorable Prod’ and ‘Love Philters’, Noor is passionate about writing. Her writings have been a part of 350+ anthologies. An author at Scribe Mag and a blogger at Times of India, she is also a regular poet at Muse India – My Space.
Instagram: @noortabassumali123

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Featured Photo by Tarik Haiga on Unsplash

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