The Laburnum

Laburnum Poem by Meera Uberoi
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By Meera Uberoi

Just down the road from where I live
a lone laburnum grows.
It does not advertise itself,
unlike the cawing crows.

But like the cawing crows, you’d say,
there’s nothing to this tree –
its height is unremarkable,
its leaves so ordinary.

But comes the summer, golden light
is trapped within the tree.
In May, the crystallized sunbeams
break out for all to see.

The thundery grey sky casts its gloom
on everything in sight,
But the little tree is quite untouched –
it burns with topaz light.

Flowers of sunshine cloak the tree
and dazzle every eye
and every puff of a wayward breeze
drops gold on passersby.

Even the beggar down the street
smiles when he sees this tree.
And for some moments he can feel
a joy that comes for free.

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