Daughters Poem
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By Shah Bisma Manzoor

Accessorized with innocence and grace,
she laughs like a mellifluent cuckoo.
Thin wavy strands of cotton bedeck her beauty.
Her voice resonant with the dulcet musical tones,
She, gaily, dances with the tossing daffodils,
floats with snowy twisting clouds.
Her orb, shining like diamonds, disperses smiles.
An early bird, she gifts morning her laughter.
A polished sheen, she wears on her face,
her sober hands, guide me to immense appreciation,
In disarray, when I land badly
her smile, like a hologram, illuminates the disorder.
Angelic beauty of her soul, so pristine and pure
Augments the elegance of her pulchritude,
The exquisiteness of her innocence astounds me
pure as blossoms, so pretty and arresting.
I, to my Lord, bow in gratitude
wealth not less than gems, HE bestowed.

Shah Bisma Manzoor

From Jammu and Kashmir, India, Shah has done masters in English Literature and works as Vice Principal at a higher secondary.

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