Tonight - poem by Shah Bisma Manzoor

By Shah Bisma Manzoor

In my sacrosanct heart, all the idols are smashed,
What else is to be constructed now tonight !

The rivals of my love, all set for vengeance
Worst retribution yet to be proclaimed tonight.

How long i will breathe the aroma of shredded envelops?
All the verses need to be calmly buried tonight.

With the charisma of disloyalty brewing high,
The perfidy of devotion,to be festooned tonight.

Oh nymphs! bedizen the court with resplendence
The trial of my unfeigned probity begins tonight.

I, a dead feather, imprisoned for sober offence
Free me with a rectitude of sanctity tonight.

Shah Bisma Manzoor

From Jammu and Kashmir, India, Shah has done masters in English Literature and is Vice Principal at a higher secondary.

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