Want To Learn Urdu – Here’s All You Need To Know


Learning new language is always an exciting task and the benefits are innumerable. Urdu is an amazing and easy to learn language.

If you are someone wanting to learn a new language then I strongly reccomend Urdu. Or if you are someone thinking about learning Urdu, you have made the right decision. Here’s why –

Why should you learn Urdu ?

  • It is beautiful, engrossing and will open for you the door to a vast Urdu literature.
  • Reading Ghalib, Mir, Faiz, Iqbal and all the many shayars (poets) in their original texts is a completely different experience from reading the translations (you may differ, your opinion is respected).
  • The Urdu Script Nastaliq is the same as that of Arabic and Persian (with some minor differences/additions). So if you start learning any of the two (or both) next, the whole process will become very easy as you will be already familiar with the script and many words too. Yes! Urdu has many words which are of Arabic or Persian origin.
  • If you are someone familiar with Hindi language, learning Urdu is all the more easy for you. Both Hindi and Urdu originally developed from Khari Boli, a dialect of Delhi region, and the spoken languages are extremely similar to one another. They have the exact same grammatical structure, and at the beginner level they share over 70 – 80% of their vocabulary.

Which is the best source for learning Urdu ?

Of the many sources available online, the one which I would rank as the best is Rasm -ul-Khat course of Aamozish (Rekhta).

  • With its unconventional and scientific approach, it helps you in mastering the Urdu reading and writing skills.
  • The course is divided into well defined modules. Each module comes with many tests to check the progress at every stage.
  • Videos and Text animations help in understanding the letter formation better, while audios make you learn the right pronounciation.
  • The course comes at a minimal one time fee of $25 (lifetime access). Before purchasing you can also take the free trial and see if it is the course for you.

After course completion you receive a certificate too.

Rasm-ul-Khat, Urdu learning course-completion certificate.
Rasm-ul-khat Course-completion Certificate

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