Trying To Be Steadfast


By Amtul Ayesha

Trying, trying to be steadfast
On my deen for my Lord,
But the demon,
Oh this demon
Not wanting me to
Remember my Lord

I used to fall and get up,
I fell thousands of time
And got up,

I know I’m not a pure soul!

But oh my Lord
I’ll get up,
For You my Lord
I’ll stand up,

I’ll walk and walk towards You
I’ll fight with these demons
Only for You,
I’ll walk and walk coz I know,

“You’re there to lift me up,
You’ll run towards me
And You’ll help”

I know it’s hard to be consistent,
I know I can’t beat these demons
In one attempt,
But I’ll raise my hands always
And will pray,
Just give me strength
And courage

I’m gonna break the walls
And will come towards You,
I’m gonna stand like rock
And beat the chains on road,
I wanna meet You
And I’ll meet You,
I know You want me to be
On straight path,
I just wanna do this for You

I love You my Lord
I love You
Just be with me
I will conquer my fears too.

Amtul Ayesha, a student of mathematics, loves to expound her thoughts and pen them down on a piece of paper. Her pen is the voice of her heart and ink of her soul, by the grace of Almighty.

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