The Beating Of Your Heart


By Sadia

When the dawn kisses the horizon
And the dew falls on blossoms
I listen to your melodies
And dance like an insane
The throb of your heartbeats
A way to my fantasy realm
The beating of your heartbeats
A wine of my eternity
I sing with your lubs and dubs
And prom on your psalms of love
The beating of your heartbeats
I want to heed repeatedly
O Darling, see my devotion
My passion for your affection
My fondness for your heartbeats
As deep as the ocean
Your beats I glimpse everywhere
Your symphony I hearken in the air
Your ballads encircling my mind
Your love has turned me blind
O thee! Come and see my soul
Free me from the fire of zeal
The beating of your heartbeats
Has made me a frantic personality

Sadia is a student.

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