People Of The World


By Noor Tabassum

Oh people of the world, why are you so queer?
I smile and look at you with eyes filled with questions to share,
What makes you so sceptical at everything that you speak without care,
That it becomes so difficult for the heart to bear.

For years I have been drudging around like a robot,
I get up with the alarm clock, cook, pack, clean and fix things in their slot,
But whenever I feel unwell and rest for an extend you revolt,
And call me languid as if all that I ensured for years did not matter a lot.

Always I try to help everyone who is in need,
Indefatigably I listen to them and try to crack every issue without any greed,
But when I need some hand to lift my spirit to move on with the moving speed,
You call me nagging and ignore my request with no heed.

Always I try to do things right,
I think a thousand times to accomplish given task in sight,
But when I do error a little and go erroneous, you fight,
And say that I was always incorrect and have nothing to appreciate.

Always I try to smile and spread happiness,
I try to be polite and know that respect is mutual to gain, not arrogance,
But when I have my mood swings, and I frown in pain, you get cross,
And say that I was born egotistic without manners.

Oh world, are you ever gratified?
Why have you fed your egos by finding my errors?
What pleasure does it give you to degrade me and by being judgemental?
Is finding faults in others that satisfying?

What use is it if we acclaim people who are gone,
Who have nothing to say and are done,
Is not it better if you inspire when they are alive,
So that the world becomes a better place to live.

One thing I realised after facing you for many years,
All my ninety-nine goodness are flushed away without a tear,
With just one slip-up, which I do, and it is highlighted clear
Except for mom, who hides my ninety-nine faults and highlights my only blimey with cheers.

Noor Tabassum, the author of ‘Sensibles’ and ‘Twisted Firsts’, is a nature lover and loves to lead a simple life. Writing is her passion. She enjoys writing poems and short stories. She has participated in more than 200 anthologies as co author and has won many writing competitions. Also her articles and stories have been published in many magazines and in the Indian daily ‘ The Times of India’.
Instagram Handle : @noortabassumali123

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