Dear Lily – A Letter To My Cat


By Sada

Dear Lily,

The days spent with you, are buried in my heart
The memories you left, are being remembered
Wish to see your pulchritudinous face again
Wish to hear your pleasant voice again
What happened if you weren’t a human
Your virtuousness made you better than human
The day I saw you first, I felt you were the luckiest
Never knew how horrific would be your death
Don’t know who the hell, sucked your blood
Sorry! for not protecting you from your fate
The world you thought outside wasn’t the same as inside
Your innocent thinking took your breath
Don’t be upset with the animals in your category
You don’t know the brutality of humans in my category
Helpless, but still wish to take your revenge
Hopeful with the Creator, Who is the best at justice

From your loving bestie

Sada, from Pakistan, is a 21 years old student.


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