By Affaf Sheikh

On the road towards success,
I met demon of my life.
Tyrannical and emotionless;
It slowly and gradually invades me.
Engulfs myself,
My thoughts;
My energy
I feel nauseated, imprisoned
Stuck and still in that moment.
Thoughts vanished;
Like a beginner,
Start from scratch.
Who am I?
Where am I?
What am I doing?
Nothing I remember.
These illusions increase in power.
Who are these ugly creatures of my life ?
Reside inside me ?
F.E.A.R ? What it is ?
Feeling of Emotionally Arrested Remorse
What I fear for ?
Lagging behind from whom ?
From my past or
Forthcoming future
Nothing !
They are just my thoughts
or nervousness of the events.

Affaf Sheikh, a lethal combo of honesty and hardwork, is professionally a Research Pharmacist, while passionately a writer, poet and critic. Her ideology and mantra is, “My work sketches me.”


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