By Kahkashan Bano

There’s so much to peer into.
So much to pour into
your eyes from other’s.
To take a halt and stand still.
Stand at your door frame
And sneak into a story
that is hiding;
Rather floating on the
blue, grey or black ocean.
To taste an intimate pain
Which may open up its arms
And drown you in
a friendly disdain.
Ransack into a bureau
And pick up emotions
Bleeding from the
nose of ‘lone.
You could also grab
a black hole
or lay hand on a shooting star
Sitting idle for a chance
To open up its mouth and
vomit an inferno of misery.

Just you need to peep
Into the needle-hole
And be a thread sewing
A table cloth with sentiments,
That has never known
The word ‘Known‘.
That has never sung
A tune of ‘Understand‘.

Deploy your camera( eyes)
to capture an intense glance.
Shake ambiguous hands
Amid the devastating
storms of meek irides.
Let the darkling surge
Its spiky wings and
Don your perception.
Wear a light that you
have never permitted
In your vision to reside.
Let a world flow out
And freeze itself
Under the dryness
Of your wet tongue.

Kahkashan Bano,  an English graduate, is an introvert who loves penning down her vision and sentiments in the form of poems.

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