By Kahkashan Bano

If I were a confession,
I would have opened the door
of my inhibition and said,
“I am absurd.”
that I often read myself
as dumb as a silent letter
stuffed inside an elongated, lavish word.
A letter that hankers to be pronounced
but could never hear itself out.
A letter that suffocates of
too much of unfamiliarity
among a familiar world.
It’s like hiding your tears
when you feel like yelling out
and throwing yourself down
in the lap of the floor.
But you cannot do that
because you have to portray
that you are fine
there’s no one to hold on
your surging nerves on their palm!

Kahkashan Bano,  an English graduate, is an introvert who loves penning down her vision and sentiments in the form of poems.

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