Rise, My Girl


By Noor Tabassum

Rise my girl, rise,
Never dig your face with fallen eyes,
You are as pure as morning dew on sacred petals,
You are a brilliant, naughty butterfly with the liberty to fly.

Neither be afraid nor panic,
You are nowhere to lament or regret,
No shame has any right to touch you,
Do not allow pessimism to rule you.

But the pain you face is unimaginable,
The torture your soul meets is unbearable,
The hatred your heart is filled with is understandable,
The anguish your eyes express is intolerable.

The questions in your eyes are without answers,
The invisible locks that surround you are without keys,
The piercing looks you portray are without sympathy,
The hatred in your behavior is without compromise.

But darling rise with dignity,
You are not to panic about someone else’s crime,
It is a shame on the coward who could not control his raging hormone,
He ignorantly considered himself a man by crushing a flower.

You are a victim who encountered enormous injury,
He was a tyrant with no humanity,
So you need not be ashamed like you are the criminal,
When the one who perpetrated the crime is roaming freely like a hero shamelessly.

Noor Tabassum, passionate about writing, is the author of a book, ”Sensibles”. She is a nature lover and loves to lead a simple life. She expresses all her feelings through her pen.
Instagram Handle : @noortabassumali123

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