By Ramsha Rizvi

No one’s gonna say it for me
So I must say it myself
I am deserving
Of love and good health
I’ll always make mistakes for as long as I live
But I learn just as much, and repeat what I forget
My feelings matter, and I must forgive
Myself for my issues and flaws I come with
It’s okay to cry, and there’s strength in admittance
It’s time that I learn to love myself unrepentant
There’s strength in my softness
There’s an order in mess
Reborn from the struggles
I’ve worked hard for my rest
I deserve to be heard
I deserve to be seen
I don’t need to hold onto
I am deserving of happiness and light
Of people who understand me, people I won’t need to fight
I can only be me
No one more, no one less
So I’ll pick myself up, and live life at my best

Ramsha Rizvi, a girl in her 20’s, just taking a leap of faith and putting her work out in the open. Her writing is the only source of her finding her identity in this world.
Instagram Handle – @the_girl_with_the_blue_room

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