Depths Of Brown


By Ramsha Rizvi

There are billions of sets of eyes in this world — from the lightest blue to the darkest black and every shade of grey, green, and hazel in between. Many people have attempted to romanticize brown eyes with streaks of green or yellow, or romanticize brown eyes when illuminated by a flash. But if you’ve never been captivated by the pure and deep gaze of dark eyes, you’re truly missing out. Brown eyes are honest. There is something about the absence of any other color that makes them smooth and pure. You can drown in their depths.
Brown eyes so dark, you can barely see their holder’s pupil — those are some of the best. Eyes so dark, they could hold stars, so dark you could think you’re looking straight down into a soul. You can fall into them. Dark eyes are rich, whether warm or cool, melted with laughter or flinty with suspicion. There’s no escaping their hold.

Dark eyes can pierce you, or they can wrap you up in warmth and soothe you. There are few eyes more mysterious, more beautiful, and more luring than brown eyes. There are few things more comforting than the honesty of a dark, understanding gaze. Every shade from chocolate to onyx is beautiful. Just imagine: brown eyes in the darkness of night, blinking slow and pulling you in, inviting you to spill secrets into the quiet; brown eyes turning nearly black in the shadow of a scowling brow or the squint of a belly-laugh; brown eyes pouring out soul with their raw depth when they rain out tears; brown eyes dark with strength and trust.

Ramsha Rizvi, a girl in her 20’s, just taking a leap of faith and putting her work out in the open. Her writing is the only source of her finding her identity in this world.
Instagram Handle – @the_girl_with_the_blue_room

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