I Write In Good Cheer, My Love


By Merlyn Thomas

I write in good cheer, my love
All things we have gone through,
Now the calling has come from up above
I have to go while you continue.

Love we have for each other
Words fall short of expression,
I’d rather leave it for you to savour
To cherish and hold in perfection.

When we were at it, it was worth its while
Overcoming obstacles life threw at us,
We faced with dignity, and without any guile
Fanning the flames of closeness.

I know life won’t be the same
When I am gone, I’ll miss you, my dear,
I know fate has played an unfortunate game
Our book of life has to be closed forever.

There is nothing to worry
For I am at peace and full of love for you,
There may have been times for which I’m sorry
The hurt I may have put you through.

We were made as part of twin souls
Lived till death do us apart,
Gone for just a little bit till you finish your role
Ready to join me when you depart.

Always be your smiling self
As I take leave and say goodbye,
Take good care of yourself
Don’t let sorrowful tears stain those beautiful eyes.

When it’s your time to end this journey
I’ll eagerly wait to meet you up there,
It will be a wonderful time to glory
Again, in each other’s arms, forever without any care.

Merlyn Thomas, a post-graduate in MBA, has been writing from the age of 16. Her passion stems from reading a lot. A whimsical writer, she writes in the spur of the moment. Apart from writing, she lives on music and painting.

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