If I Die Today


By Umar Malik

If I die today
Don’t mark my life as a failure,
For only my pockets were empty,
My soul wasn’t.
You may have not seen me going out much,
But believe me, I was a traveller,
I was a wanderer.
Like everyone, I also didn’t get everything,
Yet I’d choose thousand lives to live as the person that I lived in this life.
If I die today
Don’t mourn my loss,
For life after some time becomes a suffering
And who knows if I found there the creatures more understanding
And do thank the Almighty
For letting me live the moments that I lived,
More than the moments in which I died while living.

Umar Malik, a student of IT and a poet, is into many things, but writing gives him a different sort of contentment. Poems and novels had an influence on him from an early age. He started writing after he joined college.

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