Unknown World


By Jamila Murtaza

I stand on the crumbling balcony,
The sunlight blinding me.
I take a glimpse of the sea,
Yet I feel no glee.
I wonder why this void thrives,
It made the jovial moments deprive.
I wish I knew what it was,
That made my heart so desolate.
Birds sang and the sun danced,
The sea roared and winds swayed,
The world seemed so gay!
Yet, I feel like a dilapidated home.
The voices seemed to me unknown.
It smells old just like my soul.
My heart tainted like the mold.
There is so much to be grateful for,
But here I am finding that lost door.
I want to fly in the infinite sky
But instead, my bones cry
I fall into this unknown world,
I don’t know if I could survive the cold.

Jamila Murtaza has been writing since the age of 14. She is passionate about what she writes, for it makes her feel alive. She has been running a blog for more than six years now.

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