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Rusty Spotted Cat

Rusty Spotted Cat (around 40 cm long) is only found in India (nearly all around the country), Sri Lanka and the terai in Nepal. Its short fur is reddish grey, with rusty spots on its back and flanks. It is an inhabitant of dry deciduous forests, scrub grasslands and dense vegetation. It hunts mainly rodents and birds. It’s population is estimated at about 10,000 and are declining.

Marbled Cat

Marbld cat is found in the forests of the Eastern Himalayas. It is brownish-grey to ochreous-brown on top and greyish below and about the size of a domestic cat but with a very long (over 30 cm), very furry tail. It’s coat is attractively patterned in black, giving it a marbled appearance. The IUCN Redbook has listed it as Near Threatened.

Fishing Cat

Fishing Cat is stoutly built, medium in size over 3 ft long, deep yellow or ash grey with black stripes and spots. It wears a double coat : a short dense coat provides water proofing and guards against chill, while a longer more decorative coat gives it it’s good look. It has been listed as Vulnerable by the IUCN Redbook. It is a true wetland cat, a great swimmer that can stay underwater for long periods. It is patchily distributed in South and southeast India as well as the Sunderbans, the foothills of the Himalayas and Ganga and Brahmaputra valleys.

Jungle Cat

Jungle Cat is a medium sized, wetland loving cat. It has been listed as of Least Concern by the IUCN Redbook. It has a white muzzle, hair tufts sticking out of its ears, implacable yellow eyes and an even sandy, grey or brownish coat, marked with spots. It roams around in agricultural lands, hunting gerbils, rodents, reptiles and birds. It is India’s commonest wildcat.


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