Pain Of Betrayal


By Rekha Khanna

Pain of betrayal, leaves u half dead.
Ur heart will be beating, but emotions will be missing.
An unseen aura will start following you in the form of curse
Which will not allow you to smile ever again.
This curse will follow you till your death.
If you try to recollect yourself,
Pain of betrayal will rise again n try to stop you to rebuild yourself.
With every passing day, knife of betrayal will cut your heart n mind slowly
And replace it with pain, agony, restlessness, loneliness and sometimes, revenge too.
Betrayal will test your capacity too.
If you are a little strong to bear the shock,
Then it will become a slow poison and kill you day by day.
If you are weak to bear it,
It will prompt you to suicide.
Betrayal, the feeling of this, will never leave your hand.
It will always provoke you to take revenge
Or choose death .

Rekha Khanna tries to mold feelings into words, each time pouring a new passion on the paper.

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