The Flute-Player Of Brindaban

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By Sarojini Naidu

Why didst thou play thy matchless flute
‘Neath the Kadamba tree,
And wound my idly dreaming heart
With poignant melody,
So where thou goest I must go
My flute-player with thee?

Still must I like a homeless bird
Wander, forsaking all
The earthly loves and worldly lures
That held my life in thrall,
And follow, follow, answering
Thy magical flute-call.

To Indra’s golden-flowering groves
Where streams immortal flow,
Or to sad Yama’s silent Courts
Engulfed in lampless woe,
Where’er thy subtle flute I hear
Beloved I must go!

No peril of the deep or height
Shall daunt my winged foot;
No fear of time-unconquered space,
Or light untravelled route,
Impede my heart that pants to drain
The nectar of thy flute!

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