What Makes Man A Human ?

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By Mixbah Zaffar

What makes man a human ?
Not the avarice, not the vices.
I fancy if it’s the Pious Gene
Nicest, that come from nerves
As a lonely cloud I gallivant
In the darkest phase of livin’
The soul hinged with the fork.
In my breath, I inhale the nice
The seed of plight I sow on
The bays of my dreadful heart.
Glee in the waves of wind
Wavin’ along the city of images,
I sight the placard of misery
Marked with the name of me.
A sound cracked, behind the soul
Swayed my mettle; asked me,
“You wanna go home?” Fiercely
Woke up in fears, eyes of tears
Relied on my Gallivant attitude
Things I couldn’t understand clear
That sound strikes my continuation
Traits, What makes man a human ?

Mixbah Zaffar, from Jammu and Kashmir, India, is a class XII student who loves to write.
Instagram Handle – @mixbah_13

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