By Shireen

Life stopped at the halt where you went away… Far away… To yonder shores…

Saahil was the love of my life, the essence behind my smile, the twinkle and the glow to my being. In short, he was the heartbeat of my life!
We were on the verge of being engaged when Saahil was transferred to U.S. After that we just grew distant. My love grew bitter, it hurt . My heart wounded.
I just grew in my career. Love had no place in my life anymore.
My company was taken up by a foreign company in collaboration with another. It was the first day after the take over. I went in a bit early as I was heading the HR. As I walked in, my team co ordinator signaled me to come and meet the MD.
I walked in and was opening my mouth to wish, when the earth started spinning. I felt my solar plexus being punched hard. My heart seemed to be jumping at a crazy breakneck speed. But I quickly regained my composure. Standing across the room was none other than “Saahil”.
Looked like my life again was going to halt.

Shireen, an educator, blogger, a nature and yoga enthusiast, enjoys the flow of her thoughts on paper.

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