My Home


By Vansh Malhotra

A place where I bury all my hidden sentiments and secrets,
Keep all my precious talents stored like exquisite leaflets,
Where I can give shape to the qualities I possess,
And can relax totally trying positively to fight away all my stress.

A place where I desire to return back each day whenever am away,
Always missing it dearly no matter wherever life takes me on it’s way.
Abundant treasures of memories are stored inside it’s surroundings,
That can never ever be bought with endless money due to anyone’s findings.

A place where I can truly be myself without hesitating,
And I can enjoy doing whatever I want without waiting.
It is not the building or the cement which gives shape to that place,
But the everlasting feelings and emotions that are stored inside it’s space.

That place is a priceless belonging and can never be sold easily,
As no one can just buy my invaluable souvenirs so peacefully.
My soul lives in that place and it’s not so easy to separate it like that,
My delightful home is my heaven of dreams that I always love to pat.

Vansh Malhotra is an amateur poet, who loves poetry. Writing makes him very emotional (at times, even romantic).

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