I Gaze


By Vansh Malhotra

I gaze up at the stars in the sky and realize,
The distance I have to travel still to get a fruitful surprise.

I gaze down at the ground then and smile with satisfaction,
Seeing the distance I already travelled due to my dedicated action.

I gaze up at the mountains looming high and ponder,
The difficulties one has to pass through and wander.

I gaze down at the blue ocean and smile gleefully,
Sensing the immense happiness of jumping in it joyfully.

I gaze up at my fellow peers leading a luxurious lifestyle,
Feeling extremely jealous to see them partying with smile.

I gaze down finally and witness how there are some fellow beings,
Not even able to access the basic amenities of life and important things.

It depends on one’s perspective on how to view destiny,
Remember that a coin always has two sides to it separately.

Never ever compare your problems and destiny with anyone,
For you may regret later why you even thought of lamenting it to everyone.

Vansh Malhotra is an amateur poet, who loves poetry. Writing makes him very emotional (at times, even romantic).

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