By Vansh Malhotra

Special angels of God who introduce us to this world,
Bestowing warmth and happiness with their gentle arms curled.

Without their guidance and support we are just lifeless souls,
That would keep wandering around without any definite goals.

We absolutely stand nowhere in this universe till the time they do shape us,
And prepare us to move smoothly with time not missing life’s any bus.

They add life to a human soul diffusing in it endless feelings,
And shaping it’s personality to withstand any terrible hearings.

Like Shakespeare rightly said they have to be cruel to be kind,
So that we can survive in this challenging world with a clear mind.

They equip us with all the resources so that we can live happily,
Tendering us patiently by always being calm and smiling affably.

They are the only ones who can sacrifice anything for your needs,
Watering you precisely to grow up like a farmer waters little seeds.

They will try their best to never let you fail in life and get defeated,
And will be with you all the time no matter how you get treated.

Vansh Malhotra is an amateur poet, who loves poetry. Writing makes him very emotional (at times, even romantic).

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