By Wani Hadii

Is it a bit good or a bit bad? it’s very confusing
Oh yeah! It’s name is life about which I am talking,
A word with several different meanings
It is full of unusual feelings
It sometimes makes us jovial and sometimes upset
Whatever it gives us by love we should accept
Always offering us challenges to face
We should be brave in every tough case
Sometimes it is jovial, cool and fun
But anytime it could be among them none
Giving hardships to scrutinise our patience
Or else daring to check our tolerance
Why sometimes it becomes so difficult and boring
And suddenly it turns much easy and alluring
Somebody wants to change it and other wants to savour
Somebody wants to live it and other wants to end it here
Should I compare it with flowers that bloom and wither away
Or else with charming birds that glide in the air and play
Whether to compare it with time that once gone is never back
Or else with piano, jubilation as white and tribulation as black
We know it is not going to last for long
So why to end it instead of enjoying
Almighty Allah bestowed us with it
So it must be a beautiful and precious gift

Wani Hadii is a lover of poetry who likes to write on nature.
Instagram handle : @landofpoems13


  1. Hello Wani. I loved your description of life. Life is like time, it keeps changing. It’s never on standstill. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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