Writing Speaks


By Areeba Hassan

Expired feelings, Broken Hearts
Loners, 3am thinkers
Call me and my companion
Inorder to heal, inorder to stitch
Inorder to rejuvenate back to pieces.

I am
What humans can’t express
To the whole world,
For the fear of getting judged
As mess.

Millions of untold emotions
Millions of secrets
Millions of hidden scars,
Hidden in each part of
My inner institution.

If you go deep inside me
You will get to know who actually I am,
If you feel me to the depth
You will get to know what am I
Thriving to say.
If you let me speak without any hesitation
You will get to know
Even I have a heart.

I am a multi tasker.
Sometimes I fix relations
By positive emissions,
Sometimes I break people apart
By providing a reality check,
I am the one who gives shelter
To broken and crushed hearts.

I can be either your home to dwell
Or a large sea to swim in,
I can either be your alcohol
To make you my addict
Or the medicine to heal your
Feverish suicidal thoughts.
I can be your everlasting love
To love you without any conditions,

But it all depends on the
Intensity of emotions.
Yet I can assure you that
I am someone whom you can trust with
Full core of your heart.
Unlike humans, I never fake.

But one day I will surely scream
To the whole world,
What I failed to say
Through my everlasting love
Through my companion Writer.

Areeba Hassan, from Bihar, India, is doing graduation from Apachia Institute, Kuwait.

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